This message is purely for those who love the truth, who seek the truth, who can identity the truth, who have the opportunity and the blessing of coming across the truth and who are ready to give consideration to the truth and accept the truth. For me, I was given the orientation of saying the truth, even if it is bitter. In this case however, the truth I am trying to reveal, is far from being bitter but quite unique.
I am a lecturer in one of the Nigerian universities.
About eight years back, I started experiencing weakness in my left leg with pains around my waist; the ailment exterted serious constraint on my movement. I visited many hospitals; I consulted different private medical practitioners, both orthodox and tradomedical but I could not be notably rescued. Subsequently, I was diagnosed of ‘lumber spondylosis’ and I was operated on. The surgery provided me but with an illusionary relief. After few months, the ailment resuscitated with weakness on the legs and the pains resumed.
With the mercy of the supreme Physician, the Almighty Allah, I was introduced to Askia Natural Herbal Remedy. I made enquiries from the centre with regard to their ‘modus operandi’ and their method of treatment, having experienced bundles of different and diverse medications. An uncommon method of health provision – ‘NATUROTHERAPY’ was sounded to my hearing! I demanded for explanation. I was made to understand that, briefly, it is a unique system of applying natural technique to correct body anormalies. In other words, emphasis is more on the use of natural therapy than ‘ all drugs’ method that we are familiar with.
Like a drowning victim, who will be desperately holding on to anything that his hands touches, I decided to give it a trial. Believe you me, the centre disallows me to be disappointed. I am recording a different medical story. To the Almighty Allah be the glory.
It is interesting to register the fact that without having visited the centre, I was variously treated through their ‘Do It Yourself’ system, including application of ordinary water, which is their ‘water therapy’. I experience notable relief with the mercy of the Supreme Being.
In conclusion, it is worthy of registering the fact that, it is the Almighty Allah, in His infinite mercies, with His miraculous healing hands, that cures, the Askia Natural Herbal Remedy, practices wonderfully unique and relieving treatment. To the Almighty Allah be the Glory!